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About The Book

Want to read some great stories about Jerry and his fishing buddy  Coach Bobby Knight?

"Teddy Roosevelt has always been my hunting hero. His adventures inspired me to take many of my own. In my mind, Mr. Jerry is the Teddy Roosevelt of fishing. If anyone on this earth has traveled more or taken a wider variety of angling adventures than Mr. Jerry, I don't know who it would be. It's a great honor for me to be asked to contribute some of my photos to this great fishing story."


- James Overstreet


"The history of ESPN cannot be fully told without mentioning Jerry McKinnis. ESPN was not built on the backs of the major pro sports leagues in those early years, but on niche sports which appealed to a wide array of audiences in various pockets across the country. Jerry was truly a pioneer and a visionary, and his show, The Fishin Hole, was a fundamental part of the fabric of ESPN for many years.

I first met Jerry McKinnis in April of 1996. I had been a Programming Director at ESPN since 1988, and I had just been assigned the responsibility of overseeing ESPN’s outdoors programming. I was quite literally a “fish out of water”. While I certainly knew who Jerry was (everyone at ESPN knew Jerry McKinnis and The Fishin’ Hole), I had never fished a day in my life. I’d never actually held a fishing pole in my hands. Now I was tasked with the responsibility of managing an entire sports category for ESPN – one which had a rich and successful history on the network, and accounted for hundreds of hours of programming annually."


- Gary Morgenstern

As a kid I grew up tuning into Jerry McKinnis’ “The Fishin’ Hole,” watching his adventures around the world and dreaming of following in his footsteps. He captured the heart and imagination of so many in my generation because of his masterful skill at weaving a story into the scenes of every show. As an adult, I went to work for Jerry and after a lifetime of watching his shows and 15 years of working with him every day, I thought I knew everything there was to know about him.


This book proved to me there is so much more to Jerry McKinnis than any one person can know. In its pages, his masterful skill at story telling shines through like a beacon. And once again it was easy to sink my heart and imagination into his words: This time on paper, instead of film.


- Steve Bowman